The Post Classroom Paradigm

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future learn

In the sphere of education there is a shift away from teaching to an increased focus on learning. With formal education traditionally emphasising teaching more than learning, education systems have focused on the transfer of information and knowledge from the teacher to the learner. This focus has created a system of learning that is highly dependent on high quality teachers. Such a teacher-dependent education system is also time-dependent, location dependent, and situation-dependent. With the multiplication of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and digital media, sources of information, knowledge and values are becoming more diversified and accessible beyond the confines of formal education systems. Recognizing that learning is increasingly happening individually beyond formal educational settings, the role of teachers will have to evolve from dispensers of information and knowledge to facilitators and enablers of learning. Lifelong learning: Beyond a classroom-centred paradigm of education Learning in formal education systems has long been associated with classroom teaching. While a great deal of learning covered by formal education may take place at home, at school, and elsewhere in the form of homework, reading and preparation for examinations, the physical space defined by the classroom remains a central feature of formal education systems at all levels of learning.

For those in Bermuda and elsewhere who cannot access CPD or afford further study, Future Learn may be the solution.

“offers you a powerful new way to learn online. Every course has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through storytelling, discussion, visible learning, and using community support to celebrate progress.”


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