"I knew Russell for over 10 years when he was a senior teacher and curriculum leader at Bishopspark school. He was excellent in every aspect of his work and most highly regarded by all who came in contact with him including Ofsted inspectors. I would give him the highest possible recommendation for any senior leadership position in education."
Paul Cunningham - Head Teacher,
School Inspector, Consultant Leader
Russell is an inclusive phase leader; listening and taking on all of his colleagues’ view points, but ultimately making the final decisions. He uses the strengths of his team to positive effect. He is liked and respected by children, parents and colleagues alike, and is approachable in any situation. His steadfast nature helps colleagues to remain calm under pressure.
Mary Burgess,
Melksham Academy Trust UK
"You are able to keep learning and pedagogy at the core of the whole school curriculum and central to your leadership practice."
Patrick Amieli
National College of School leadership
My NPQSL Assessor
About me
Russell David
Head of School
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About Russell David

I am a Bermuda born teacher who has been in education for over 20 Years and proudly promoting Bermuda. Most of my career has been spent working for MOD schools in North West Europe (Formerly Service Children’s Education).  I am now Head of School,  at a  Primary School in the North West of England.  The island teacher website has been created by me to celebrate Bermudian culture and history.  The website also promotes and spreads effective educational research by others.

My Bermudian Roots

I am passionate about education because it has the power to change attitudes and minds. I was the first person in my family to go to university. My Father was a Mechanic at P.W. s and my mother worked as a Secretary at the Bank of Bermuda. My first job was at the Friendly Store on Middle Road and that taught me the value of hard work. I had some great years working at the Friendly Store and met a wonderful cross-section of the Bermudian people.  This helped me see life in Bermuda from many perspectives.

I have long had a fascination with all things Bermudian from my own Great Grandfathers untimely death in the Bermuda Hurricane of 1926 to my own academic research on Bermuda. My undergraduate dissertation, Central Functions and Townscape of Hamilton Bermuda was a natural progression of my interest in the History of Bermuda. Later on, I completed further study at Masters level and undertook a further research dissertation entitled,  Tourism and Anthropogenic Climate Change - A Bermudian Case Study. I don’t get the opportunity to return to the island as much as I would like, however, modern technology does allow me to keep up with events, friends and even participate in debate and discussion.

Making A Difference As a Leader and Teacher.

I am passionate about making a difference to the educational outcomes of all children.  During my education career as a Primary Teacher and Senior Leader, I have been fortunate enough to have led Key Stages in upper and lower Primary that have both been rated Outstanding by visiting U.K based Inspectors from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (2003 – 2013). The most important thing that I have learnt from this achievement is the absolute necessity of whole school systems that maximise efficiency and success.  It goes without saying, that these systems are of little value without a culture of high expectations and a low tolerance of poor standards.   I am most grateful to the wonderful people that I have been blessed to work with and the hours of professional discourse. This has made me a critical thinker and someone who cannot settle for mediocrity. I  constantly try to innovate and use new pedagogies to improve the learning in my phase of education and prepare my students for a globalised future with a strong self-belief and resilience.  This steadfast commitment to supporting my team and the children that I teach regularly secures some of the strongest results in my organisation worldwide.

The journey is not complete

I am still learning my craft and I am passionate about pursuing personal professional development pathways.  I am privileged to have a wide network of professional dialogue, however, I am always eager to hear from others who are also eager to make a significant difference to the children that they teach.


Please feel free to contact me.


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