Project-Based Learning – Staying On Task

August 25, 2018 Island Teacher No comments exist

Employers are often bemoaning the fact that many young people entering the marketplace do not have enough personal resilience to see a task through when they get stuck or enter a challenging longer collaborative group project.

In one sense, these kinds of learning opportunities are not so much measuring knowledge but are teaching children how to apply learning within a more realistic social situation.  Andreas Schleicher the director of Education and Skills at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has argued, in a world economy which no longer pays people for what they know, but what they can do with what they know, demand has grown for employees demonstrating the ability to be,

personally effective in applying knowledge to solve new problems. about the importance of learning that measures skills and abilities rather than just what you know.

Staying on task during project-based learning can be a challenge when working in a group.  This video from Edutopia provides some useful tips on how to maintain student project learning momentum and achieve productivity in relation to the process.  It also shows how you can give students working in groups the structure to hold each other accountable on long-term projects.



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