"I knew Russell for over 10 years when he was a senior teacher and curriculum leader at Bishopspark school. He was excellent in every aspect of his work and most highly regarded by all who came in contact with him including Ofsted inspectors. I would give him the highest possible recommendation for any senior leadership position in education."
Paul Cunningham - Head Teacher,
School Inspector, Consultant Leader
Russell is an inclusive phase leader; listening and taking on all of his colleagues’ view points, but ultimately making the final decisions. He uses the strengths of his team to positive effect. He is liked and respected by children, parents and colleagues alike, and is approachable in any situation. His steadfast nature helps colleagues to remain calm under pressure.
Mary Burgess,
Melksham Academy Trust UK
"You are able to keep learning and pedagogy at the core of the whole school curriculum and central to your leadership practice."
Patrick Amieli
National College of School leadership
My NPQSL Assessor
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Russell David
Head of School
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