January 27, 2019 Island Teacher

The international community has concluded that climate change represents an urgent threat to human and natural systems (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, 2014a) and that an effective and immediate response to climate change is required to prevent hazardous human interference with the climate system (IPCC, 2014b). IPCC has

November 13, 2018 Island Teacher

Recently I have written about the future of education and the challenge to prepare students for the rapidly changing sphere of the employment market.  There are many commentators who have started to address the need to prepare students for a future that  involves Artificial Intelligence. The challenge of the future

November 8, 2018 Island Teacher

Great Schools have always been more than a collection of great teachers.  Too often we individualise great teaching to a formula that often ignores the power of the collective.  Or we fail to include the power of individual teacher efficacy in the formulaic compiling of characteristics of great teaching.  In