Global Perspectives

What is this subject?

Global Perspectives is an innovative and stimulating skills-based programme that uses the world around us to explore current issues and develop vital skills. It provides you with the opportunity to explore the perspectives of cultures, both familiar and unfamiliar, from your own personal opinion to the opinions of children on the other side of the world, all whilst developing your critical thinking and research skills.

What skills will I develop?

  • Ability to think critically and creatively
  • Ability to research efficiently and effectively
  • Ability to collaborate and work well with others
  • Ability to present your ideas confidently to others
  • Develop open-mindedness and learn to consider issues from other perspectives
  • Develop and express own opinions on issues of global importance
  • Gain an independent world-view and become a global-thinker
  • Learn how to inform others, raise awareness and take action on issues

Areas of subject knowledge explored

Global Perspectives focuses on acquiring and developing skills, rather than on subject knowledge. We will develop skills by investigating the Local, National, and Global perspectives on six main topics. The topics studied are:

  • Family and Traditions
  • Sport and Health
  • Technology and Leisure
  • Education and Employment
  • Environment and Animals
  • Justice and Conflict

These topics can include a wide range and variety of issues, and you will be able to explore each topic in a way that suits your own areas of interest.

Global Perspectives teacher support

 These resources have been put together by Oxford University Press

Section 1

PDF icon Skills development activities 1
PDF icon 1: Family and demographic change
PDF icon 2: Humans and other species
PDF icon 3: Education for all
PDF icon 4: Sport and recreation

Guide to teaching Global Perspectives

Ideal for teachers who are new to Global Perspectives, this short guide includes tips on skills development, the Global Perspectives learning process and more.

PDF icon Guide to teaching Global Perspectives

Skills development planner

Use this guide to see at a glance where different skills are covered throughout the book, to help with your planning. This includes study, critical thinking, and exam skills.

PDF icon Table of skills activities

Project and research checklists for students

Use these checklists to help students to prepare for their individual research reports and group projects.

PDF icon Checklist for the individual research report

PDF icon Checklist for the group project

Advice on presenting a group project

Includes a breakdown of what needs to be submitted, with guidance on structuring the Project plan, Group report, and Individual evaluation.

PDF icon Presenting a group project


This section illustrates ways in which a variety of curriculum themes may be recognised to integrate an interdisciplinary emphasis on a sustainable future.

  1. Culture & religion for a sustainable future
  2. Indigenous knowledge & sustainability
  3. Women & sustainable development
  4. Population & development
  5. Understanding world hunger
  6. Sustainable agriculture
  7. Sustainable tourism
  8. Sustainable communities
  9. Globalisation
  10. Climate change


These modules illustrate ways in which Education for Sustainable Development can be integrated into all areas of the curriculum, especially into cross curriculum themes such as health and consumer education.

  1. Sustainable futures across the curriculum
  2. Citizenship education
  3. Health education
  4. Consumer education


This set of modules develops professional skills for using teaching and learning strategies that can help students achieve the wide range of knowledge, skill and values objectives of Education for Sustainable Development.

  1. Experiential learning
  2. Storytelling
  3. Values education
  4. Enquiry learning
  5. Appropriate assessment
  6. Future Problem Solving
  7. Learning outside the classroom
  8. Community Problem Solving



This edition has been restructured to match the latest Cambridge syllabus, it focuses even more on skills and assessment


This is an example of a final IGCSE Global Perspectives Documentary outcome based upon the topic of Climate Change from CIS.  The project is carefully crafted with engaging content and images.

Cambridge learners from New Zealand and the UK share ideas and research using the new shared learning area as part of their Cambridge Global Perspectives course.